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Tobacco Trading

Providing various types of imported and local tobacco as well as for export. We also serve requests for finished products of tobacco.


Import : Zimbabwe, Yunnan, Izmir, Brazil, India, Thailand, etc. Local : Bojonegoro, Pakpie, Temanggung, Besuki Na Oogst, Madura, Paiton, Mranggen, etc.


Virginia, Burley, Oriental, etc.


Whole leaf, Lamina, Loose Leaf, Cutrag, Scraps, Stems, Cut Rolled Expanded Stems, Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco, etc.

Our Products & Services

General Trading

Indonesia as an agrarian island nation has many potentials that can be explored. Natural resources are abundant. Diverse plantations, agriculture, fisheries. Industrial products in the form of processed food and manufactured goods.

All of that can be obtained at relatively competitive prices at the international market. Our company provides added value when sourcing, as a buying agent or field verifier.

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