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Bright Leaf Indo Trading was founded by 2 people who are enthusiastic, dedicated and apply the value of honesty in work. We elaborated these value in our every step. Our philosophy is to give the best to our customer while making effort to exceeds their expectation.

We aim to be a trusted and reliable partner for both our customers and our suppliers. We work with many small and large farmer and suppliers to get the best products which meet our customer requirements. We are committed to ensure prosperity for every stakeholder involved.

We always strives to maintain and improve the quality of our products periodically. Because we believe it will maintain customer trust for a long time.

Company Values

Our Company Can Be Relied On As Your Partner


We believe that integrity is the main step in every business.

Hard Work and Smart Work

We believe that with hard work and calculated effort, we can achieve everything that we aim for.


We believe that no one can work individually. Connection and affiliation based on common goals and intention to progress together is a must.


We always try to adapt with the dynamic nature of our customer needs.

Best Price

We have a strategy to achieve the best price for our customer.

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